June 11 - 12 2019 Detroit - Michigan - Usa 1st International Conference on Automotive Body Finishing in North America

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June 12, 2019

Session #1 – Mixed Substrates

How to ensure the compatibility between paint materials, substrates, bonding and sealing Materials?

How to paint and cure multiple substrate and standard Car Bodies on the same line?

What are the Different Paint Materials and Process?

What’s the best way to deal with the sensitive substrate?

How to ensure colour matching and reduce imperfections between Plastic Parts and the Car Body?


  • Donald Campbell

    - Research and Development Manager - BASF
  • Georges Sinnott

    - Engineer - Manufacturing Paint Shop - GENERAL MOTORS
  • Pierre Pronost

    - Research and Innovation Manager - PLASTIC OMNIUM
  • Charles Hickenboth

    - Research Manager, Coatings R&D, Auto OEM - PPG

June 12, 2019

Session #2 – Environmental

How to reduce energy usage without interfering manufacturing processes, or sacrificing Paint Quality?

How to achieve Continuous Improvement and influence cultural change in the Paintshop through Energy Management?

How to manage the tradeoff between more environmentally friendly materials and coating materials cost?

How to reduce environmental impact at the source: e.g. eliminate overspray, reduce energy consumption

Evaluate the impact of the New Global Regulations.


  • Jorge Singman

    - Vice President - Automotive Systems USA - EISENMANN
  • Phil Brown

    - Vice President, Global Key Account Management Adhesive Technologies – Automotive - HENKEL
  • Werner Wilson

  • Rick Ostin

    - Director Sales and R&D  - DÜRR SYSTEMS
  • Hans-Georg Fritz

    - Manager New Technologies  - DÜRR SYSTEMS
  • Taylor Mowerey

    - Indirect Lead Team Manager - Honda Manufacturing of Indiana
  • Lisa Hansen

    - Regional Manager Environmental Quality Office - FORD MOTOR COMPANY

June 12, 2019

Session #3 – Industry 4.0

How Industry 4.0 is changing the Paint Process?

Case studies of Industry 4.0 in the Paintshop – feedback of real Industrial experience and shared benefits

What are and how to track the performance data to improve Paint Color and Quality?


  • Ray Li

    - PPA Technology Excellence Manager - ABB
  • David Cranfill

    - Technical Director - BASF
  • Rae Roby

    - Automotive Business Line Manager - BYK Gardner
  • Shawn Dvonch

    - VO Paint Engineering Paint Applications and Engineering Senior Applications Engineer - FORD MOTOR COMPANY
  • Matthew Sikowski

    - Director of Engineering - FANUC

June 12, 2019

Session #4 – Autonomous Vehicles

What are the Paint requirements for Autonomous Vehicles?

What are the specific characteristics of the new paint materials?

In what way do the Production Facilities change?


  • Kevin O’Connor

    - Director of Global Product Management - AXALTA
  • Mark Murray

    - Director Sales - DÜRR SYSTEMS
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