June 16 - 17 2020 Detroit - Michigan - Usa 1st International Conference on Automotive Body Finishing in North America


1st International Conference on Automotive Body Finishing in North America

SURCAR Upcoming Events


On April 22-23, 2020, SURCAR will organize its 5th Asia Congress in Shanghai. The two-day international congress will focus on the latest information about World Wide Technical developments and innovation, taking into account Car Body Finishing Industry’s perspective in Asia-Pacific.

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This 2nd edition of DETROIT Congress (June 16-17, 2020) will be a two-day international conference that enhances successful innovation strategies and presents R&D programs and real experience feedback in the surface finishing field.

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Committee Members

Mark Dunn

Vice President Sales

Matt Boland

Vice President Global Transportation Coatings Technology

Mike Nelson

Paint Process Manager

Kevin A. Rahrig

Executive VP - Commercial

Sean McKeon

Vice President – Global Account Management

Rich Everly

Vice President Paint

Mike Boss

President & CEO

Jorge  Singman

Vice President - Automotive Systems USA

Jon  Karr

Vice President Paintshop Automation

Bill  Wolf

Director - Paint Operations Manufacturing Engineering

April  Stevens McNally

Chief Engineer VOME - Global Paint Engineering

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